Thirumalai Mission Hospital

The Thirumalai Mission Hospital (TMH) has a working community healthcare model that is beneficial and sustainable to the health needs of the community.

Located on a building with ground-plus-three floors, occupying a space of more than 30,000 sq. ft., the hospital offers excellent facilities both in outpatient and inpatient services. It is on a 5-acre property in Ranipet, in northern Tamilnadu in South India, that offers adequate scope for expansion.

The services of experienced medical stalwarts retired from the famous Christian Medical College helped to establish robust medical practices at the hospital in the first decade of its existence. The dedicated medical consultants at the hospital are well-qualified and experienced. They are supported by a well-trained group of qualified nursing, technical and other healthcare professionals. The hospital is currently headed by Dr. Prabhakar Gopalakrishnan, an experienced anesthesiologist, a competent hospital administrator, a teacher and a researcher. The TMH can provide care for the simplest of ailments as well as any condition that demands a specialist’s care. It has established itself as a centre of excellence in diabetes and dialysis care. Its charitable services include free and subsidised care for deserving inpatients, care programmes for non-communicable diseases and camps for the community. It offers ongoing support for the community health services of Thirumalai Charity Trust, which provides services at the doorsteps of 35,000 rural families. Visit to learn more.

Thirumalai Mission Hospital is proud to be an institution with:

Talent you can put your faith in. • A modern, approachable environment. • Reassuring care with high standards at a fair price • A pragmatic approach to common ailments • A well-designed care system for chronic conditions