Ankita’s Dance – A Fundraiser Supporting the Thirumalai Charity Trust June 19th, 2021

The Road Ahead

To Establish health & wellness centers in the villages and invest in strengthening Secondary level care at the hospital. This integrated approach to patient care will encompass :

  1. Village level family care volunteers
  2. Health workers
  3. On- site Junior physicians
  4. Remote Senior physicians/consultants
  5. Thirumalai Mission Hospital
TCT project initiatives

Even a small contribution can make a BIG difference!

  • US $10: Donate one PPE kit to the grassroots health worker
  • US $25: Donate one pulse oximeter to a Village volunteer for timely detection of covid symptoms
  • US $50: Donate One refill of 10 Oxygen Cylinders for hospital use
  • US $100: Donate O2 & medicines for 10 days- for a community patient in home isolation with Level 2 covid
  • US $500: Donate a day’s worth of PPE equipment for the COVID ward
  • US $1000: Donate an Oxygen Concentrator
  • US $1000: Donate a non-invasive ventilator

To gather more information about Thirumalai Charity Trust see our attached PDF or visit:

Donations can be made to The CS-Foundation, USA. 100% of what you contribute will be deployed to TCT projects.

Dear Donor, when making your donation to this fundraiser, please make a note in the payment portal that the donation is for Ankita’s Dance as well as the specific cause you would like the funds to support. Additionally, feel free to notify the CS Foundation of your intent by emailing Thank you for your contribution!